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Greybarn Solar Farm

Statkraft, another large-scale solar developer, have announced a new solar facility for the Bramford Tye area – Greybarn Solar Farm.

Details are very limited at this point. We only know what is available on their website: Greybarn solar energy farm.

However we do have enough details to share an updated cumulative impact map, below.

Green = existing residential, agricultural, and business areas.
Yellow = existing and approved energy infrastructure.
Red = Enso Energy Solar
Orange = EDF Renewables Solar
Purple = Statkraft
Blue = proposed National Grid overhead lines. There are another two lines to be added (one from the north and one to the south) but the proposed locations are yet to be revealed by National Grid. These transmission lines are needed if the benefits of the East Anglian offshore wind energy projects are to be realised, but they’re fast running out of space.

8 thoughts on “Greybarn Solar Farm”

  1. All I can say is ”Come and live round here and see how you would feel. You are raping our surroundings and way of life”. One thing is for sure I bet there will not be a rate reduction!!!!

  2. Madness, this has gone far enough. We have huge empty brownfield sites such as the old Fisons site on Papermill Lane, Bramford which would support a large number of solar panels but, instead, companies want to swallow up beautiful, prime agricultural land and ruin rural communities. When did people cease to matter and big business become more important!

    1. We stand with you in Rehoboth, MA, a right to farm community. The RI Boy Scouts have leased land to Nexamp, a national solar developer, controlled by Mitsubishi Corp. They plan to clear cut a beautiful 14 acre forrest.

      Neighbors have organized and are fighting back. We have three stones and a sling.

      Check out

      Good luck all! Peace to you all.

  3. Its spreading – rather like an unwanted stain on a carpet….
    How will the power be transmitted onwards? More pylons or underground??

  4. We really do have to unite as a village and with our surrounding villages to put a stop on this invasion!
    How much more are we expected to lose? The impact of this continued development will be huge. How can we make ourselves heard.
    I have commented on the two recent applications, but it feels like you press ‘send’ and it disappears into the ether.
    Happy to be more involved to help amplify the voice of reason!

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