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“Say No To Enso” Checklist

Want to help save your countryside villages and stop the Enso Energy solar farms?

We’ve created a checklist for you of all the different things that you personally can do to help. Click the “DOWNLOAD” button below to get the PDF direct to your device.

The Checklist Includes:

Ask your Parish Council to hold an “extraordinary meeting” and attend raising your concerns

Parish Councils have regular meetings roughly every 4-6 weeks. But they can hold extraordinary meetings too. These meetings are typically to discuss large and urgent matters that need addressing before the next regular meeting is scheduled. They are usually held in the evening, currently online using Zoom. Make sure you do your best to attend the meeting, but if the time is not workable for you, then you can send your opinion in to your Parish Council by email too.

Write to your District Councillor to raise your concerns

Planning Applications are dealt with at a District level, so writing to your Councillor to raise your concerns is a great way to engage with the local political system. To find out who your local Councillor is and their contact details check out this page here.

Write to your County Councillor to raise your concerns

Whilst the County Council has no direct involvement in the decision making process regarding planning applications, some of the departments do get involved. When a planning application is submitted requests for response are sent out to certain experts, called statutory consultees, for their opinion on whether the application meets planning policy guidelines. Remember planning applications are decided based on planning policy, not emotion or common sense. Some of the information in planning applications can get quite technical. Some of the statutory consultees are within the County level, such as Highways and Flood & Water Management. So your County Councillor can help pass concerns on to the relevant department for you.

Write to your MP to raise your concerns

As with the County level, your MP has no direct involvement in the decision making process for planning applications. However they help shape the planning policy that decisions are based on. You can raise your concerns about how food policy and energy policy are not in alignment and that a co-ordinated approach is needed. And their voice with a campaign can help raise awareness of the issues even further.

Submit your objection to the BMSDC Planning Department

Of all the points on the checklist this is THE MOST IMPORTANT. If you do only one thing from the list, make it this one. We have created a page that explains the 3 different ways you can submit a planning objection here. We also have a page that breaks down how the experts write their objections so you too can write a better quality objection. Remember planning applications are not decided on emotion or common sense (otherwise it would be pointless Enso even being here). They are decided based on planning policy. So whilst you can include emotion and common sense in an objection (in fact we encourage it), having the structure and a little bit of planning policy woven in will elevate your objection.

There are two planning application numbers because it crosses the District Boundary.
Babergh District Council – DC/21/00060
Mid Suffolk District Council – DC/20/05895

Follow CARE Suffolk on Facebook for updates & check out the website

We’ll be publishing important information on both the CARE Suffolk Facebook page and here on the website. Things such as dates, news, and information relating to the impacts of the proposals (which you can use to help form your objections) can be obtained by following the CARE Suffolk Facebook page, and/or by signing up to email updates. In fact, here’s the sign up box for you.

One Last Thing…

When the planning application for Enso Energy is validated by the BMSDC planning department we get a guaranteed 30 days to submit our objections. It isn’t long to achieve a lot. We may have longer, but the length of that is as long as a piece of string.

So we hope that having this checklist will help you whizz through the different things you can do to help.

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