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Statkraft Scoping Opinion Response

CARE Suffolk has submitted our response to the Statkraft Scoping Opinion.

The Scoping Opinion is a pre-planning application stage. It is where the developer makes suggestions on what to include, how in depth to assess it, and how to assess it.

After assessing the report submitted by Statkraft to the BMSDC on 21st May 2021, our team were able to identify a significant amount of information that was not mentioned.

We have now accumulated the concerns raised into a 10 page report and submitted it to BMSDC. We ask that they take our requests into consideration when they make their decision on the Scoping Opinion.

If you too wish to make a comment on the scoping opinion the deadline for public comments is Friday 11th June 2021. You can do so here. The reference to search for is DC/21/02958 if the link gets timed out.

1 thought on “Statkraft Scoping Opinion Response”

  1. I absolutely agree with every response item by Caresuffolk. One solar panel farm would be bad enough but the cumulative effects would surely be untenable in our beautiful countryside. To industrialise large areas of farmland is not the price most people would want to pay – when these panels can be put elsewhere, such as airports, commercial buildings and indeed on every new build.

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