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What will Enso Energy look like from the footpath in Field 2?

We previously showed you a computer graphic interpretation of the Enso Energy solar farm from along Flowton Road (also sometimes known as Somersham Road) that looks into Field 2. This is a popular route for walkers to get between footpaths in the area, and is also used by drivers travelling between Flowton and either Somersham or Offton.

Field 2 also has a very popular public footpath through the middle of it that joins Flowton Road to Somersham Park which is an area of ancient woodland. So we asked our Graphic Designer to create a mock up of the solar farm from the footpath as well.

The map below shows a marker from where the visual is taken. The photo was taken facing towards Somersham Park, which is towards the south east.

And here is what a Graphic Artist has created for us. You can use the slider in the middle to see the full before and after photo.

This photo shows the wooden posts and wire mesh fencing along the boundary of the public footpath, and the tracking solar panels inside the perimeter. Somersham Park is in the distance.

We expect that Enso Energy will revise their design to put the panels and fencing further away from the footpath, and perhaps add some screening. But that remains to be seen as yet.

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5 thoughts on “What will Enso Energy look like from the footpath in Field 2?”

    1. I am all for green power but on good farm land I don’t think so ,there is more then enough brown field sites and warehouse roofs crying out to be used .

  1. I don’t think intensive agriculture is any better. Those crops will be treated with chemicals to make them a mono-culture with very little room for natural wildlife to survive. Solar panels will be a far more gentle use of the land. I think they look spectacular. With wild flowers, rather than close-mown grass they will be lovely

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