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What will Enso Energy look like next to Field 2?

When the developers send out their brochures they always use sunny professional photos of OTHER sites. They won’t show you what your local landscape will look like. And they always show a close up of the other site too so you can’t see the impact on the landscape.

We’ve contacted a professional Graphic Artist, and the first photo is in.

The map below shows a marker from where the visual is taken. The photo was taken as a panoramic photo spanning round from the road on the left, across the field to the north, and to the tree line on the right.

And here is what a Graphic Artist has created for us. You can use the slider in the middle to see the full before and after photo.

This photo shows the wooden posts and wire mesh fencing around the boundary of the field, and the tracking solar panels inside the perimeter. Enso Energy haven’t been specific about how far back the panels will be so for now we’ve used their regularly quoted distance of 5m as the distance from the road.

Part of the planning process will be to decide how much of an impact the solar farm will have on the landscape.

Do you think this has a low or significant impact on the landscape?

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5 thoughts on “What will Enso Energy look like next to Field 2?”

  1. There is no doubt in my mind that the proposal is completely inappropriate for this site. We now have a traditional well managed farm landscape with diverse field boundaries where floral and native fauna thrive. Acres of huge solar panels will not blend in and “corridors ” for wildlife do not reflect how the natural world needs to live. This proposal must be firmly opposed.

  2. That looks awful. And in reality it would be even worse, as the panels would be on the other side of the road too, blocking one of the loveliest views in the area.

  3. The panels will obviously have a very significant impact on the landscape. Also, the image with the panels is very generous and an ideal finished product that no commercial solar developer will be able to achieve. The absence of erosion and runoff and the well maintained perimeter fencing with no lights, hazard signs or entrances for large trucks is unrealistic.

    1. With the image we have tried to err on the side of caution and used the information available to us about this specific development. This site will have no lighting, nothing has been mentioned about signage, and this particular viewpoint will not have a site entrance, so it would be misleading of us to include them in this particular image. If anything were to change we will update the image. We are aware that there would be erosion and water run off issues and these are still being researched in more depth by our team. Even erring on the side of caution, you can see it will have a significant impact on the rural landscape.

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