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Campaigning to protect our countryside
from becoming an industrial site.

“Is there no nook of English ground secure from rash assault?”

William Wordsworth

In October 2020 a junk-mail style brochure started landing on doormats around Flowton, Burstall, Somersham, and Bramford.

The hearts of local people began to sink as the reality of what was happening began to be realised. After decades of protecting our countryside from the ever expanding needs of Bramford substation, plus EA1 and EA3 substations, hungry developers were coming for the rest. Never in our history have we seen such an aggressive attempt to industrialise gigantic swathes of our beautiful countryside.

And then a second developer with another brochure. And a third. Then more for the substation. And another site.

With over 600 acres of productive farmland and beautiful undulating countryside now proposed for mass industrial development, the local communities have had enough.

CARE Suffolk wasn’t created for the purpose of campaigning against inappropriate development in our area, but we have taken on the task of it alongside our long term goals and ambitions.

The purpose of this dedicated solar portal is to share the knowledge we’ve accumulated, and the path we’ve taken, so that you can learn what we have but in considerably less time.

Please check back regularly as we update the website to include more resources for you.


I’m a…


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