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Solar “Farm” Proposals


acres of


per day*



Where you live is under threat from THREE huge solar installations.

Enso Energy want to build a 242 acre solar power plant on high quality food-producing arable farmland between Somersham, Flowton and Burstall.

EDF Renewables want to build another one on 210 acres of equally productive fields between Bramford and Bramford Tye, just off the B1113.

Statkraft want to build one on 143 acres of also highly productive arable fields between Enso & EDF.

The below image shows all three solar farms. Red is Enso Energy. Orange is EDF Renewables. Purple is Statkraft.

The current proposals will:

– Dominate the landscape with 10ft high panels and anti-deer fencing.
– Turn open rural footpaths into corridors inside an industrial facility.
– Litter the countryside with large shipping containers.
– Turn tranquil countryside into a constant “hum”.
Displace existing wildlife, such as deer, bats, and protected birds.
– Bring 70+ vehicles per day *onto these narrow country roads during 26+ weeks of construction and also decommissioning.
– Take 595 acres of high quality food-producing arable greenfield land out of production for 35-40 years minimum, maybe forever.
Not use sheep for grazing, nor cover the fields in wildflowers.
Export all generated electricity out of Suffolk.
Not reduce Suffolk’s carbon footprint.

We believe…

We support solar power and believe that the government should actively encourage all new houses and businesses to be fitted with solar panels, as well as existing buildings and brownfield sites where possible, to encourage dual use of the land area.

We do not believe that covering large areas of the countryside with solar panels is an efficient use of land.

We believe that part of solving climate change is to reduce the carbon miles that our food incurs, as 45% of the food eaten in the UK is imported.
We do not believe that building solar farms on 595 acres of high quality UK farmland makes any sense in reducing this large carbon footprint.

We believe that another part of solving climate change is to reduce the amount of resources that are wasted. Electricity is lost the further it travels in the network. These solar farms are built close to a substation to reduce the developers loss, but due to the connection type into the grid, this electricity then travels 10’s if not 100’s of miles to get to where it will actually be used at the consumers expense.
We do not believe that building even more power plants in Suffolk helps reduce electricity waste, especially when the county is already producing enough to support itself and it’s neighbouring counties. Solar PV panels are ideal technology to be located where the electricity is used.

We believe in maintaining the peaceful and beautiful countryside walks surrounding our villages, that are so good for our mental and physical health.
We do not believe that walking between solar panels of 10 feet high, with the constant hum of solar technology and inverters, will make anyone feel good.

We believe in helping preserve our existing local flora and fauna who call this area home.
We do not believe in altering or displacing these just to suit a development, and then claiming biodiversity has improved.

Our Current Goals

To publish the concerns and information our group gathers from the planning application documents on the website and Facebook page,
so that others can understand the impacts without having to read the mountain of planning documents.

To raise awareness of the proposals and impacts amongst the communities through social media, parish councils, village noticeboards and publications, and leaflets.
(During any lockdowns we are of course avoiding face-to-face interactions and meetings).

To continue to challenge the developers on their proposals, through our own research, through advice from other campaign groups, and through expert knowledge and advice.

To follow the development of these proposals, please sign up to receive our news articles.
As we collate the information and publish it onto this website the new articles will be sent directly to your email inbox.
You will also receive a notification when the planning applications are made with the council, with instructions on how to submit your opinion.

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At the end of Dec 2020/ early Jan 2021 we distributed a leaflet covering the main concerns to local villages that will be affected by the proposals. Please note that this was before Statkraft announced their development.
An online digital version has been provided for free on Issuu for you.