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CARE Suffolk Response to B2T Non-Statutory Consultation

What does B2T mean? B2T is the community nickname for the Bramford to Twinstead overhead pylon line proposed by National Grid.

Back in 2009 National Grid announced a proposal to build a new line of pylons from Bramford substation in Suffolk, to a brand new substation in Twinstead Tee in Essex. This was met with a lot of community resistance along the entire route, specifically to the overhead pylon aspect. The calls were for the cables to be buried underground.

However National Grid paused the proposal in 2013.

Early 2021 they restarted it, with a formal letter to The Planning Inspectorate. And in March they opened up a non-statutory consultation. However information available at this stage is incredibly limited.

CARE Suffolk has been discussing the issues with the community groups who were at the forefront last time around. We understand and accept the need for the new connection, but do have some concerns. You can see the feedback letter we have submitted to National Grid below.

A statutory consultation period is expected later 2021, where more detailed information is expected to be available, and we will update you when it opens.

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