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CARE Suffolk Response to Enso Energy Re-consultation

CARE Suffolk has submitted our response to the Enso Energy Re-consultation #2.

Yes, a second re-consultation. So that makes a total of three public consultations for one planning application.

Why? Enso Energy submitted some (more) additional documentation to try and address some of the concerns by statutory consultees. Yes there really are that many issues with the proposal. This time they tried to address biodiversity, flooding and drainage, and archaeology.

There was also a random map showing a hand drawn “permissive bridleway”. Though this is not referenced or discussed anywhere in the documentation.

Much of the information submitted is more of the same poor quality as the initial documentation, with the highlight being their admission of almost tripling surface water run off towards Burstall Brook!

The CARE Suffolk response is in the below document:

If you too wish to make an additional comment on the new documents the deadline for public comments is Sunday 27th March 2022. You can do so here. The reference to search for is DC/20/05895 or DC/21/00060 if the link gets timed out.

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