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EDF Renewables Application Available

The EDF Renewables planning application for a solar power plant has now appeared on the BMSDC planning portal and shows it has been validated.

This means the application documents are available for the public to view, and the option to add your comments is available too.

The deadline for public comments is not yet known, but we will advise when this is updated.

The application is under reference DC/21/04711 and can be found here:

Our team will be reviewing the documents, updating our existing articles & information, and producing articles on new information over the coming days and weeks.

2 thoughts on “EDF Renewables Application Available”

  1. These applications will affect the countryside around where I live. The whole reason for us moving out to the countryside some thirty-five years ago was to be able to see the open fields, relishing in the changing of the seasons, being involved with the wildlife, having fresh air to breathe. All of these small pleasures will be taken from us if this proposed solar farm goes ahead. I do so strongly object, along with many others. My extensive comments have been left previously, many months ago, I just hope they don’t get …..ahem, ‘lost’……!

    1. Hi Lynne. Thank you for sharing. Your sentiments are shared by so many, who also moved to the countryside to be in, well the countryside.

      Please note though that any comments you left a few months ago would have been for the Enso Energy application. They are not carried over to the EDF application which is entirely separate in the planning system, so you will need to make your objection again if it is to be counted against EDF. The link for the EDF application where you can lodge your objection should be here:

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