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Enso Energy Application Available

Enso Energy’s plannng application for a solar power plant has been validated and is now available for public review and commenting.

The deadline for public comments is Sunday 14th February 2021. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

The application is actually in two parts though, because it crosses the boundary line of Mid Suffolk and Babergh.

The Mid Suffolk application is DC/20/05895:

And Babergh is DC/21/00060:

We are currently seeking advice on if there are any other differemces between the two applications, what this means in terms of public comments, and how this affects the decision making process.

Our team will be reviewing the documents, updating our existing articles & information, and producing articles on new information over the coming days and weeks.

In the meantime our Transport Specialist has a conundrum for you. The application mentions workers will be transported to site using 3 minibus trips. But there will be 80 workers. How do you fit 80 workers into 3 minibuses? Answers in the comments box!

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