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Enso Energy Re-consultation

Enso Energy have submitted new documentation in relation to their planning application for a solar facility spanning Burstall, Flowton, Somersham, and Bramford parishes.

Because of this, the public consultation has been reopened for public comment. The current deadline for comments is Friday 17th September 2021 Thursday 23rd September 2021.

The New Documents

This application is in two parts because it spans across two districts, Mid Suffolk District Council and Babergh District Council. (Although many of you will know they are working together as one council, there are still two sets of Councillors and so planning decisions are still divided).

The new documents are the same on both parts of the application.

The Mid Suffolk District Council part is DC/20/05895 and can be found here >

The Babergh District Council part is DC/21/00060 and can be found here >

To see the new documents click on the Documents tab. The new ones are those dated 18th August 2021 and more recent.

The team at CARE Suffolk will be reviewing the new documents and submitting an official response.

Public Comments and Parish Council Meetings

With the public consultation re-opened you have the right to submit additional comments, and we encourage you to do so. Your comments may be in relation to any of the previous documents, the new documents, or even restating that your previous comment has not changed.

If you’d like a reminder of how to leave a comment please check out this article.

It is also important to ensure your Parish Council know your feelings and views on the applications. They will be invited to re-consult as well, and if you want them to pass on your opinion, they need to know what it is even if it hasn’t changed since the first round of consultation >> How To Contact Your Local Parish Council.

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