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Enso Energy Response to CARE Suffolk Queries

When the consultation was re-opened for the Enso Energy solar application there were new documents submitted to be reviewed.

The team here at CARE Suffolk reviewed the new documents and found a few inconsistencies.

On 2nd September 2021 we sent a list of 12 questions to the Principal Planning Officer at BMSDC to forward on to the agent for Enso Energy, which they did.

Here are those 12 questions…

The agent’s response is…

“I’ve spoken to the Applicant about these additional 12 additional queries from Care Suffolk, and at this time it is not their intention to respond.”

We know that the answer to some of these questions, particularly the north to south access track and the retention of the black poplar trees, is important for many of you. At this time we can only apologise that we don’t have answers to these concerns for you.

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