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Enso Energy Solar Update

At the Scottish Power Renewables public information event last week news started spreading about a significant change to the Enso Energy solar development application.

We can confirm that they are indeed making a significant change to the application.

The previous/current application is for two large parcels of land. A northern parcel between Somersham and Flowton filled with solar panels. And a southern parcel between Flowton and Burstall filled with solar panels and battery storage containers.

In acknowledgement of how absurd and inappropriate their original plans were, Enso have removed the northern parcel of land entirely. However, the southern parcel of land filled with solar panels and battery containers sadly still remains.

What Happens Next?

Details of the amended plans are not yet available. They may simply be removing the northern parcel and not amending anything in the southern parcel, or they may be making amendments to the southern parcel.

Enso Energy are holding a public information event on Tuesday 28th June 2022 at 2-7pm in Burstall Village Hall. Below is a copy of the information leaflet that has been sent out to residents and Councils in the area. This should arrive in your letter boxes this week.

After this the amended plans will be submitted to Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils. At this time we do not know if this will be a design amendment to the original application numbers, or if they will withdraw those and submit brand new ones.

To distinguish between the two designs, we will refer to the new design as “Enso South” in any future publications on our website and social media.

Regardless of how the design changes are submitted to the Council, there will be a full public consultation (yes that will make four public consultations for the Enso Energy application – a record perhaps?), and new public comments and objections will need to be submitted.

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